About us


About us

The Ungar jewellery is a new idea next to the Pioneer Aviator Company.

For a very long time we wanted to turn into another section, which is fashion. The idea came to our mind to start the Ungar Jewellery in 2016 and it was realized in 2017.

Art, and jewellery was always an important part in our life, we feel interest in different kind of fashion trends from the early 1900’s till nowadays contemporary art. This makes our designs rather unique, because you can find ideas from several decades in a modern way.

Our main profiles are dedicated to woman fashion, especially we offer designer necklaces.

We focus on individuality. Usual materials for us are alpaca, brass, copper, but we are open for high quality materials like silver, gold and diamonds as well. It is not significant what the material is, the only, the most important is the design. From each piece from our collection you can find only one.

We design and produce, every piece is pure handwork in the highest quality.

We also accept inquires about custom designed jewellery. If you have any idea, or you need jewellery for a special occasion we can make it for you.

Who are the designers?


László Ungár:

Born in Budapest/ Hungary in 1972

A long time art lover since his teenager age. His favorites come from the early 1900’s, secession period like Hoffmann, Moser.


Patrik Ungár:

Born in Budapest/ Hungary in 1996

The son of László and influenced both from the secession and art deco era.

You can find design necklaces and other fashion accessories from both designers in our store.

If you have any questions and need of more detailed information contact us anytime.